Power Outage

Dateline: 24 AUGUST 2018

Next planned power outage for parts of Kundabung ... 9am to 3pm September 12 (Wednesday)

Container Deposit Scheme (update)

Dateline: 24 JULY 2018

A Container Deposit Scheme is now operating in NSW....

Extra recycling collection

Dateline: 12 DECEMBER 2017

There will be an extra recycling collection for Kundabung residents on January 4, 2018 - to clear out all that Xmas present wrapping and recyclable packaging.

Container Deposit Scheme

Dateline: 27 SEPTEMBER 2017

A Container Deposit Scheme will soon operate in NSW....

Channel 10 retune

Dateline: 1 SEPTEMBER 2017

Due to changes in the TV industry, channel 10 programs are now broadcast by WIN, as of September 1, and you may need to retune your TV and/or other equipment th...

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